Our Services

Customer Experience Mapping and Implementation

Do you REALLY know what your customers/clients think of you?
Do you know how to make it easy to do business with you?
Do you want to be known as leading your industry in providing a great customer experience?
Do you want to prevent clients from leaving you to go with a competitor?
Do you want to capitalize on turning customer service interactions into sales opportunities?

We help clients:

  • Identify the customer journeys in which they need to excel
  • Benchmark how they are currently performing in each of those journeys
  • Build cross-functional processes to redesign and implement those journeys
  • Implement the change and continuous improvement needed to support the journeys

Services include:

  • Employee insights and opinions
  • Customer segmentation
  • Customer insights and opinions
  • Industry benchmarking on CX
  • Brand awareness and promotion
  • Digital experience strategy design and implementation
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Cross-functional process design
  • Employee experience
  • Cross-functional team training implementation
  • Communications strategy
  • Internal and external customer experience training

Product Training

  • Are you launching a new product?
  • Do you need training designed and packaged for a new product that will leave participants informed and energized to start selling TODAY?

We don’t just design product training.  
We create ideas for your new product launch to use in training design, learning transfer and
go-to-market messaging.

Management Training

  • Do your managers know how to motivate their employees?
  • Do you have a lot of meetings, but little seems to get accomplished? Do your managers know how to facilitate meetings with razor sharp effectiveness?
  • Do your marketing managers need to think more creatively to ignite product innovation?

We offer off the shelf and custom training in Motivation, Meeting Facilitation, Creativity and Innovation.

Change Management

  • Is your sales organization repeatedly missing sales targets?
  • Are you struggling to retain existing customers and gain new customers?
  • Does your entire sales culture need to change in order to thrive in a competitive industry?

We will work with your entire company to design and implement the change strategies necessary to change your sales culture and transform your organization.

Needs Assessment

  • Do you need your sales organization to be assessed for skills and knowledge capabilities?
  • Do you want your Training organization to be able to better answer the needs of your organization?
  • Are your sales managers driving performance in an effective and productive manner?

We put ourselves in the real world with your employees to be able to perform a true assessment. Years of experience allow us to quickly identify areas of strength and areas for improvement. We then provide implementation strategies and processes to help your organization reach new performance heights.

Facilitation Skills

  • Do you have trainers that need basic or advanced facilitation skills?
  • Do you have prospective trainers that need assessed?
  • Do you have existing trainers that need benchmarked and developed for optimum performance?
  • Do your trainers face a resistant audience and need skills on handling difficult participants?

We provide the foundation for effective facilitation skills and then focus on the techniques that separate great facilitators from average facilitators.  You will learn how to use group exercises and dynamic training practices to bring your training to life and ensure learning transfer.

Instructional Design

  • Do you need creative and state of the art training materials such as fully scripted leader guides, participant guides, job aides, visual aides, scripts, and videos to create a comprehensive and professional training program?
  • Do you have current materials that are static and need to be updated and re-designed into informative and exciting programs that focus on application and learning transfer?
  • Do you need customized management training that will equip your managers with knowledge, skills and tools to effectively achieve the company objectives?

We LISTEN to our clients and create professional, interactive and dynamic training that works! We believe that the majority of learning happens after the training. Therefore, all our programs include a custom training reinforcement and certification program.

Media Specific TrainingWant a program that is tailored to your specific industry?

  • Want a program that is tailored to your specific industry?

We have programs that are customized for your industry.  No matter the type of media company (Directory Publisher, Search, Newspaper, etc) we have specific programs to arm your consultants to sell in a highly competitive space.

Project Management

  • Are you launching a new product initiative and need someone to manage the project to objectives coordinate all departments for a successful outcome?
  • Are you implementing a sales or management initiative and need someone to oversee the project to ensure best results?

Let us help you make your project run on time, on budget and with RESULTS!

Speaking Engagements

  • Need a dynamic speaker to inspire your sales organization at your next conference?
  • Someone who can inspire your consultants to improve their skills and commitment?

We have spoken in front of many sales and industry audiences around the world. Book us for your next conference!

Strategic Hiring

  • Are you experiencing high turnover in your sales organization?  Are you hiring the right people?
  • How do you know that manager you are considering for that position is the right fit?
  • Would you be interested in a scientific method of looking at candidates to see if they have the personality and skills that matches the position, the team and the company?

We offer testing that will help you effectively recruit, develop and retain employees that will thrive in their specific roles and in your company as a whole.

Training Department Outsourcing

• Do you need additional training or instructional design resources?     • Do you have a need for a temporary Training Director/Manager to lead your team?
• Do you need world class expertise and experience infused into your Training team? • Do your trainers face a resistant audience and need skills on handling difficult participants? • Do you have a program that must be completed but not enough designers or facilitators to do the work?

We can provide experienced and skilled resources to compliment your needs and help you achieve your objectives.