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How does a sales or customer service consultant connect with a customer? Many sales and customer service consultants focus on their own agenda when talking to customers.  They talk in terms of “our product, and our company”.  We train sales and customer service consultants to connect with customers by speaking the customer’s language.  That means truly understanding the customer’s business and their focus areas and asking specific business questions and explaining products and customer service in a way that is relevant and valuable to the customer.  This unique approach creates instant credibility in the eyes of the customer and continues to build a trusted advisor relationship between your customer and your sales and customer service consultants.  
Sales Transformation Now, Inc. provides complete analysis of your sales organization to  identify the barriers and opportunities to take your organization to the next level.  From hiring, compensation, go to market, product portfolio, training, coaching and leadership, we help you transform your organization.


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Mike Centorani
Chief Executive Officer

Mike has over twenty-five years of media experience working with thousands of sales reps and sales managers all over the world. This includes working with dozens of television stations, newspapers, direct mail, yellow pages and digital marketing companies. He started out as a sales rep spending many years developing his skills in the street and would later go on to become a successful sales manager. His love of teaching and coaching led to sales training. He has worked with several leading sales companies as a Director of Training and a Vice President of Training. This led to getting certified in multiple sales processes before developing his own sales process that is being used today by dozens of sales organizations.

He is known for his “real world” approach to the sales call process and his ability to teach sales reps “how to speak the small business owner’s language” and “make the right sale.” Equally important, Mike and Amy have developed an entire coaching system that starts with training front-line sales managers the sales process both in the classroom and in the street. Once the sales managers have demonstrated the ability to master the sales process, they are taught how to properly coach to the process. Mike and Amy have also developed a unique set of coaching and reinforcement tools.

Mike and Amy were also chosen by Google in 2011 to help them train many of their Premier Partners and continue to present for Google today. They have also branched out to help sales organizations in many other industries.

Amy Impara
Chief Financial Officer

Amy has been consulting in the area of sales, sales management and customer service and customer experience since 1998. Amy’s area of expertise is providing value-based strategies designed to maximize revenue and market share growth.

Her strengths include working with sales, product marketing and go-to-market to design sales and product training that communicates a message of value to the customer in an increasingly competitive market. Amy also has extensive experience in helping organizations create and implement customer experience strategies and heighten the effectiveness of customer experiences teams.

Before starting her own consulting company Amy was employed by BellSouth Advertising and Publishing in the U.S. She began her career in the sales organization and achieved top merits as a sales consultant. Amy started in the online media industry in 1996 as the Training Director for the startup of the online yellow pages division, Realpages.com which is now Yellowpages.com. Amy has worked with numerous organizations all over the world in various industries using her knowledge and experience of marketing, customer experience and sales to assist companies in achieving their goals.

Charles Emery
Sr. Consultant | STN Affiliate

Charlie has twenty-six years of sales, sales management and sales training experience. He has trained, coached, mentored and certified over 1,200 Sales Consultants and Sales Managers. Charlie has achieved multiple awards for sales performance leadership and training excellence and has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from the University of Lowell, Massachusetts and a Business Administration and Management degree from Harvard University Extension School, Cambridge Massachusetts.

Mark Cullen
Sr. Consultant | STN Affiliate

Mark brings 20 years sales and sales training experience to STN, Inc, having served in senior training positions with DexMedia. Mark has a superior understanding of publishers, their markets and their advertisers with a focus on delivering increased revenues and peak sales performance. Mark has assisted organizations around the globe, including Newspaper and Yellow Page Publishers in the US and the Carribean to build and implement successful digital product and sales strategies.