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Selling in the Real World™

To elevate your current sales force skills and production?
To train new hires on the latest cutting edge consultative sales process?
To increase multi-product sales?
To improve client satisfaction due to increased perceived value?
To increase sales results?

Selling in the Real World is exactly what it says, sales techniques that work in the real world, not just philosophies. We train your team on proven sales techniques that help them better connect with customers and provide value based solutions. We train your consultants on how to make the right sale, not just any sale.

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Coaching in the Real World™

Do you want:
Your managers to know how to inspire their teams?
A system that measures the quantity and quality of employee development?
Employee development tools that create an excellent standard of performance?
Your managers to know how to effectively conduct team and 1:1 meetings?
Your managers to spend their time on revenue producing activities?

Coaching in the Real Worldaddresses the dilemma of finding time to develop employees in an increasingly meeting and admin-intensive corporate environment. We work with managers to identify revenue impacting priorities and to schedule their time accordingly. Your managers will leave the training with the skills to better connect with their employees and the tools to improve performance.

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Customer Service in the Real World™

Do you want:
To WOW customers?
Create “connection points” with customers?
Create customer loyalty?
Reduce customer churn?
Capitalize on sales opportunities through customer service contacts?

Understand the customer journey and how to identify gaps and opportunities?
Create a customer first culture – both internally and externally?

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Do you want...

  • To have a complete training package including detailed Leader Guides,
    Participant Workbooks, Online Participant Guides, support materials and
    visual aids?
  • Training that will be fun, interactive and motivate your sales force?
  • Your sales force to be able to immediately apply the training on the job?

Our Training Programs are First-Class

We offer training programs that can be tailored to your specific product line, service and/or audience. We offer additional off the shelf training programs on Advertising 101 – Ad Design Principles, SEO/SEM Fundamentals, and facilitation training! We also offer numerous industry-specific Call Opening and Needs Analysis Vertical Questions that gain a client’s interest and effectively pave the way for a successful sales call.