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Sales Certification Programs

Advanced sales training certification programs that focus on not just making a sale, but the right sale. We customize our training to your products,customers, & goals. Your sales consultants will learn and be able to immediately use techniques that work…in the real world.

Sales Management Coaching

We offer an easy to implement coaching system that focuses on the fundamentals of effective performance management. Included are customized tools to ensure reinforcement and continued sales improvements.

Custom Instructional Design

Have a need for a custom designed program? Our expert instructional designers can assist in needs assessments and design of programs that will help your organization reach it’s goals.

Customer Service/Experience

We believe customer experience starts internally.  If your company culture promotes an environment of working to better serve each other, your employees will better serve your clients.  We don’t just work with you on a customer experience strategy, we combine business intelligence and consulting to provide a wholistic approach of people, processes and technology that will create a customer-first culture.

Sales and CX Consultants Trained
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Our Vision

Sales Transformation Now specializes in proven strategies that transform your organization from the inside out. But these aren’t just strategies, they are real world tactics and processes that get results for your consultants and your customers.


How does a sales or customer service consultant connect with a customer? Many sales and customer service consultants focus on their own agenda when talking to customers.  They talk in terms of “our product, and our company”.  We train your team to connect with customers by speaking the customer’s language.  That means truly understanding the customer’s business and their focus areas and asking specific business questions and explaining products and customer service in a way that is relevant and valuable to the customer.  This unique approach creates instant credibility in the eyes of the customer and continues to build a trusted advisor relationship between your customer and your sales and customer service consultants.
Sales Transformation Now, Inc. provides complete analysis of your organization to  identify the barriers and opportunities to take your organization to the next level.  From hiring, compensation, go to market, product portfolio, training, coaching and customer experience, we help you transform your organization.


Organizational Transformations:
We provide in-depth internal and external analysis and organizational strategies including insights for improved efficiencies and effectiveness.

Sales Training:
A lot of training sounds good in the classroom, but doesn’t work in the street. We are known for taking a real-world approach to sales training that works in the street. We were chosen by Google to provide training to their Certified Channel Partners and have implemented our proven sales system with companies across multiple industries in over 20 countries.